Getting Noticed

Home Again

Personal Entry:
After being gone for a few days, I have decided visit the Dungeon Crawl, which is that new adventurer’s attraction. The chest game singed my hair and was a little painful. The battle area was a little enjoyable, and I felt greater after I was finished. The very next day I realized that I had been diseased, and went back to John for some healing, and to let him know about his risk. Since having been back in town, I’ve been avoided by that idiot Ammon, and have seen no sign whatsoever of Foresaken. Hopefully he’ll come back soon.

Personal Entry:
Ammon has finally been idiotic enough to get himself killed. By me. I finally had regained his trust, and he decided to start calling me “Slave”, which I did not take kindly to. After a good bit, I ditched him in the city and decided to go on a nice date with Aria. I went and got her, and then shared a nice bit of wine with her in my safehouse. After the night was cut short by a few failed attempts at a little seduction, I decided to return to my place to see Ammon lighting it aflame. I focused on putting out the flame, but the house simply burned. All but one small portion of my house remained standing. After that, I went to his house, which stood fortified, and I broke a small hole, and shot at him. After a few well placed shots, I webbed up his house, and dragged him out. He was dumb enough to shoot me as I was tying him up to his arms and legs to keep him from doing anymore damage. I knocked him out, and removed his arms. Later on I returned to see that he had killed himself….Idiot. What was even stranger is that the next morning an old man came back for some cup he had lent to Drake, but I kept it and told him I’d go to him if I found it. Later that day I told John about it, and he freaked out and sent me straight to the old man’s house. Apparently he’s the most powerful man in Twin Pines. His name is Barry Bybax.

Dossier: Ammon: Dead. Stored away for interrogation purposes.

Entry Note: Dossier sounds dumb. From now on I’ll just put the name of the person as the name of the entry.

Personal Entry:
Shia approached me in the market, and told me about some lunatic that has been placing bombs around the town. It has gotten to be quite an annoyance to people, and is a hazard. She told me that it could be rewarding to help her. I might have mentioned Ammon’s death her. More recently however, I have found a roommate who can enchant my equipment for me. He somewhat lacks in his decision-making skills, but at least he isn’t as dumb as Ammon. I also found myself a cohort. His name is Gemflower. We have spent some time looking into traps, including disarming them, and receiving some gold vouchers. After the day, we went home, and went to bed. Luckily I slept in armor tonight, because the lunatic was in my house. He summoned some iron defenders, which let him escape. We killed all of them, but one bit my Skrill. Luckily I was able to heal it up to feeling better. If it weren’t for Gemflower showing up, things could have gone wrong. That emergency shot was painful. We received a message to meet a woman to speak with her about these issues. She told us of possible futures and gave us the answers to the questions we had and sent us off with gifts. She turns out to be Barry Bybax’s wife. Apparently Barry had hired the man to go set traps to prepare us for some gathering storm. Later on, the man was informed to quit, and things returned to normal.

Drake Firebane: Artificer, does decent work, lives in my place for the moment.

Himo C. Gemflower: Elf forged, good man, fights well

Personal Entry:
Drake found us a small job, so we gathered our gear and set out. This job seemed simple, especially once we learned we would have one other ally. We were almost killed by a swarm of locusts, but luckily, a traveling wizard saved us. After that, we settled down for the rest of the night. A pig attacked us, and after knocking it out, Drake decides to buy it. After he utterly insisted that I let him have a pig, I told him he could buy it if he paid me to keep it on my land and paid to have a fence put up. Boy, is he a fool. Over all I earned around 10 platinum.

Personal Entry:
I finally tracked down the person that Barry’s wife told me to hunt for. I received a letter of challenge giving me three days to prepare. Though I have prepared considerably, I failed to use most of them. The hardest decision was whether to have Ammon as my double or not. Unfortunately we failed to defeat him. We lost 400 gold to him, and I am left with a disappointing amount of funds left at my disposal. Since the fight I’ve had two offers of training. One from a man by the name of Weisleigh, and another note…a note written in blood.

Personal Entry:
Like many bachelors, such as myself, I was both surprised and happy to wake up to the smell of a cooking meal and the sight of a naked woman doing the cooking. What surprised me more was that of her offer. Her mother showed up, who I later realized was the goddess Lolth. Her daughter referred to her by the name Araushnee. They told me of a great evil coming , and offered me two options. I could serve the mother at her castle, and to protect it. She also made mention of beautiful Drow priestesses. I took the mother’s offer, and I now swear allegance to Lolth. I awoke to a enormous meal, which I ate a small amount of, and I had some wine out of a bottle etched with a spider on it. I plan on getting a symbol with that on it. I also plan on hunting down Lucien and seeing that he pays.


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