Getting Noticed


From the journal of Forsaken

Jorgan saw me about a possible job—some treasure in a forest. Money makes the world go ‘round, and if I’m going to take on the bastards that killed my people, I’m going to need the equipment it buys, so I agreed readily enough. We got a couple of people from before—Tony and Victor—and a new guy, Ammon, who seemed eager to find a job. Told him he’d only get a half share, since we didn’t know him, but I think I made up for it by buying his horse. Somehow—only the Gods know, because I sure as hells don’t—I seem to have slipped into some semblance of leadership here. I had made a comment that I was in charge when Devin was around, but I didn’t think that it would carry on this long. Oh, well. Could be a good thing. Could mean I can keep the morons alive, and I can help them keep me alive.

I talked to Flint, and he should have left a couple of days after us, after he can get his wagons together. He’ll be following with some basic supplies, and is going to meet us in a town near the forest. We all bought horses—I got myself a warhorse, a fine creature, that I named Avenger—and headed out. The trip was relatively uneventful, until we got to the last stretch. We ride over a hill, and there’s a damned ettin, rampaging through the town.

I thought about charging in right away, but at the village, an ettin like this would have taken three or four good warriors, and I don’t know Ammon well enough to know how well he’d have my back. I think I can trust Jorgan, but he’s hardly a warrior, and I haven’t seen Tony do much other than cast some spells. Useful spells, of course, but I don’t know if he’d be able to heal me faster than an Ettin could tear me apart. And, of course, the big thing was I didn’t know how well ANY of them would follow a call to charge into battle.

The ettin left fairly quickly, though. We got into town, and apparently, it’d been on a rampage for a while, now—charging in every day, mad as a celibate satyr, laying waste to cattle, property, and people. It also showed up every night, creeping through the town. I got the idea that maybe the two heads were at odds, and I found out the truth of it that night.

We got a few hours rest before dusk, and woke up to see if we’d spot the giant sneaking through town. Sure enough, we did, and I used a Ghost Sound to ask him if he was willing to speak with us. He gestured us to follow him to the temple, and not only was he more than willing to speak, but he spoke the Common tongue.

We found that he was not an ettin by birth—rather, a cleric of Heironeous, who’d been cursed by a wizard he killed. He’d been praying for an end to the curse, but his god merely gave him a riddle.

We returned to the cleric of Newkeep and told him what happened. Victor and Ammon both made some stupid comments—multiple times—enough that the cleric eventually asked me to smack Ammon for his insolence. I did so, and then Victor followed suit. I smacked him as well—not as hard—and turned to continue our business with the cleric. Then the fool hit me from behind.

I turned, enraged, and drew my blade, charging it with a Shocking Grasp. I barely had the presence of mind to turn the blade at the last moment to strike him with the flat, or I daresay I would have killed him. What kind of a pissant coward strikes an ally from behind?

He apologized a few hours later, and our group prepared to meet the ettin in the morning, when Muk, the more evil head, was in charge and bound to attack the town. Thanks to some wise spell usage from everyone, I was able to charge and deliver a devastating blow, knocking out the evil head with a single strike. After the ensuing conversation, Kyrnan realized the answer to the riddle—what his god had been trying to tell him all along. He returned to his human form and vowed to help rebuild the town his more evil half had laid waste to.

The townspeople have offered us free food and lodging, so it looks like we’ll be staying here until Flint arrives. We headed to the keep where Kyrnan was staying and picked up a few pieces of equipment, but we can’t do much with it here—the community is small, and there’s not much of value to trade.


whitecrow256 Stryke

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