Getting Noticed

Special Assignment (Part 1)

Entry from Velkyn Duskryn’s Journal
Personal Entry: I went over to Ammon’s house with a job in mind. I hoped to get his help on making away with a fortune. After about thirty to forty minutes he opens up the door. (I can’t believe how much he whines about having to listen) When I told him, he was alright with it. I proposed that he would get help “Spreading the light of Forsaken”. I’m almost sure that Forsaken only allows him to worship him because it keeps him loyal. Nevertheless, Ammon agreed to help. He knew the details, and now that he has agreed, I can get the items we need for the trip, and find perhaps get advice from a few professionals in the field.

Notes:Gear list:
Barrel 30lb (2)
Bottle (5)
Chain (10ft)2lb (1)
Chest 25lb (2)
Firewood (10 days) 200lb
(2)Manacles 2lb
(1)Rations 1lb
(20ft)Rope (50ft) 5lb(2)
Tent 20lb (1)
Waterskin 4lb (1)
Acid flask 1lb (1)
Alchemist’s fire 1lb (1)
Holy water 1lb (1)
Holy Symbol, silver 1lb (2) -One in Ammon’s Possession
Cleric’s vestments 6lb (1) – Ammon’s Possession
Bit and Bridle 1lb (2)
Guard dog (3)
Horse, light (1)
Warhorse, light (1)
Pack saddle 15lb (1)
Saddlebags 8lb (2)
Cart 200lb (1)
Whip 1d3 (1)
3 Journals – One in Ammon’s Possession

Personal Entry: I found it, I actually found the Thieves Guild! I just have to make it past the guardian. It appears that the guardian is a drunken hobo. He asked me to find some Duergar ale. It’s pretty dangerous stuff. The goblin barkeep actually said “Odd stuff. By Maglubiyet and Thor, last goblin to drink that went into a coma”. It scares me to think that the bum want’s a drink of the stuff. He offered me 2 silver for his entire stock of it. I bought it and I am about to being it in. This seems to be going well.

I just woke up. That ale is really something. That “Bum” is really fast. I’m surprised I didn’t see it coming. I am had them drag Ammon here. I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far. Finding an organization like this will greatly expand my resources. They are going to put us to a test. If we pass, we are members. It sounds pretty easy, all we have to do is replace a law with another in a magistrate’s desk. Hopefully Ammon will take this seriously.


ROFLOL “Hopefully Ammon will take this seriously.” Nice.

Special Assignment (Part 1)
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