Getting Noticed

Special Assignment (Part 2)

Entries from the Velkyn Duskryn’s Journal
This has been an eventful day. I just got revived from a failed attempt to join the Thieves Guild. After Ammon fled the fight, I was easy to take out. They outnumbered me greatly. I swear, If I see his face again, he won’t have much of it when I’m through. They have a job for me. I’ll go with it. A current member has assigned me to the job. They gave me a collar to wear. It’s a decent magic item. It allows them to monitor my vitals, they can send me healing on occasion, it allows me to send intel, and I can also disguise myself. I am able to disguise myself using it, and it allows me to request more in-depth disguises. I’m about to go get new gear for the job. They’re giving me 3000 store credits to buy some gear.

Notes:Thieves Guild:
(1)Skrill- 500 credits
(3)Human Bane oil-150 credits
(3)Dwarf Bane oil-150 credits
(3)Elf Bane Oil-150 credits
(2)Magical Beast Bane Oil-100 credits
(2)Ooze Bane Oil-100 credits
(2)Animal Bane Oil-100 credits
(1) Pipe of Haste (5 uses)-750 credits
(1)Boots of Stealth-800 credits
(2) Alchemist Fire-15 credits
(2) Acid Flask-15 credits
(4) Cure Light Wounds Potion-200 credits

Personal Entry: I was given my job. I have to travel about 3 days on horse and I’ll arrive at the Stubborn Mule Tavern and deliver a package. I decided to hire on a mercenary. I paid 10 days up front.He’s a halfling who’s name is Essel He’s a loyal mercenary, if he survives this job, he’ll have a fine career ahead of him. He already has a well written contract. His contract gives him half of the loot from the trip. I went home at night to collect my gear. I wasn’t seen by the guys.

We’ve started down the road. We went along all day without any trouble. We found trouble just a bit ago. It was Essel’s watch when a cockatrice came along. It trapped me on the ground and nearly killed the mercenary. We might not have made it, but I went all Forsaken of it and dropped it while I was lying on the ground. I collected a feather for my hat. I do believe I’ll get some rest for the ride.

Notes:Cockatrice : A cockatrice has the head and body of a rooster, bat wings, and the long tail of a lizard. Can petrify a person with it’s bite

Personal Journal We continued down the road for about two hours until we ran into some shocker lizards. The mercenary dodged them just in time, but I hardly saw them coming. They can take out a person quickly in groups, but on their own, they’re pretty weak, Once again, the mercenary was useless. After healing my wounds, we continued on down the road until we ran into two blue goblins. They seemed nice, but then they suddenly attacked us. One was a Shaper, and the other was a Kineticist. They battered me up pretty well. The Shaper kept summoning constructs to keep me busy while the Kineticist kept me down with his heavy spells. We beat their minions badly enough that they fled. We didn’t attempt to persue. We were too tired. We continued until we set up camp.

Notes:Shocker Lizard:A shocker lizard has a pale gray or blue underside, shading to a darker hue on its back. It has blue-black markings along its back and tail. A shocker lizard is about 1 foot tall at the shoulder and weighs about 25 pounds.

Loot from Shocker Lizards:
60 PP
108 SP
(1) Wand (Minor Necromancy)

We were ambushed by a Vargouille. It “kissed” Essel just before I killed it with a single blow of my morningstar. He is transforming into one as I am writing. I am going to observe the first two steps of transformation. It have always fascinated me and I finally get to see it. I kept the head as a trophy. I’ll let Essel go through the first two stages of transformation.

Notes:Vargouille: A vargouille is slightly larger than a human head, about 18 inches high, with a wingspan of 4 feet. It weighs about 10 pounds. They have jagged teeth which they bite with. If “kissed” by one, the victim will first, over a period of 1-6 hours, have all of their hair fall out.(Observed Firsthand) Within another 1-6 hours thereafter, the ears grow into leathery wings, tentacles sprout on the chin and scalp, and the teeth become long, pointed fangs.(Observed Firsthand) During the next 1-6 hours, the victim becomes less inteligent and loses his ability to talk as well. His speech may begin to slur. The transformation is complete 1-6 hours later, when the head breaks free of the body (which promptly dies) and becomes a vargouille. This transformation is interrupted by sunlight

We traveled on for quite a while during the day. We were nearing the town and the target when we were ambushed by a griffon. It damaged me badly. I started to flee and Essel followed. As we were fleeing, the griffon knocked Essel unconscious, leaving me to guide his horse. I got his horse to continue it’s path, but I could not urge it to a run. The griffon killed Essel and his horse giving me enough time to escape. At least I get to keep the wand and the money we got from those lizards.


When I arrived in town, I sold the wand for a nice profit of 115 gold. I then went to the tavern and I delivered the package. I finally met my employer. His name is Victor. (who was also the target I had to deliver the package to) I was given my next job and my payment for the previous job. I believe it was an excellent reward. I am surprised with my newest job. He wants me to keep an eye on Forsaken and the group. I agreed and he then proceeded to give me a few details. He will arrange for a way to help me help Forsaken with his issue with the Burning Forest.He told me to wait three days while he gathered the gift for Forsaken, set me up a ride home, and it gave me time to let my skrill and my morningstar be upgraded.

Assingment: CONFIDENTIAL: Victor *: on Forsaken and party Find information on party’s actions and report useful information to Victor via the collar.

Dossier: Forsaken: Strong, Carries a Bastard Sword,No Deity (to my knowledge) Male, 5’9"-6’0", Tempered. Keeps his temper, will lose it in the presence of Burning Forest mercenary group, should maintain caution if angered, Hair:usually black, Eyes:usually black, Skin:light green, Age:early 20’s, Weight:160

Dossier: Silaqui: Forest Spirit, appears to be a Female Elven Druid, Seems to have good nature and follows rules (unless somebody pushes her)Height:4’8"-5’2", Hair:Brown,Weight:90,Skin:Fair

Dossier:Ammon Jerro: Warlock, believes I am dead, Talkative when befriended, not reliable, traitor, worships Forsaken, Often uses Eldrich blast but also favors crossbow,Male, Race: Human, Height:5’6"-5’8",Religion: Forsaken, Eyes:Brown, Hair:Brown, Skin:White, Age:mid 20’s, Weight:160, lost gear to Thieves Guild (might seek revenge)

Dossier: Shia Nori: Female, Calm, Good nature,Lawful, Member of the Twinpine guard, Uses Gloves of Burning Hands, Wears leaves (might be a Druid) Cleric, Religion: St. Cuthbert, Race: Aasimar, Age:early 20’s, Weight:100, Eyes:Bright Blue, Hair:Light Brown, Skin:Fair, Height:5’3",

Dossier:Flint:Dwarf, Cleric,

Dossier:Jorgen:Human, Psion

Dossier:Tony:Human, off and on member of party, Cleric

Free Ride Home
Captured Burning Forest Member For Forsaken
+1 Enchantment to my Skrill and Morningstar
60 PP (From the Lizards)
108 SP (From the Lizards)
Wand of False Life 108 GP (From the Lizards)

Personal JournalDuring my down time, I bet 25 gold on a fight I got into. I shouldn’t have fought that cleric. I did well, but I still lost. I also made a decent profit from doing a little “browsing” of the local shops after I picked up my weapons. I met with Victor and my ride. They had the prisoner in their cart, and we kept him knocked out. On our travels, they burned every enemy we crossed with Incinerate. We crossed the Griffon and the elf burned it, and then the other guy crushed it with a spiked chain. We arrived in Twin Pines unharmed (excluding the prisoner) and I am heading towards Forsaken’s house.


You’ve done a nice job with these two. I’m awarding you 500 experience points for your log entries.

Special Assignment (Part 2)
whitecrow256 VincentJamesBolfer

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