Getting Noticed

Treasure Forest, Part One

From the journal of Forsaken

Once Flint arrived, we ventured into the forest. It was fairly uneventful, until we found our passage barred—we’d have been able to continue onwards with the horses, perhaps, but not with the wagons. We found an alternate route, and took it, with myself in the lead.

Eventually, we encountered a strange foe, one the likes of which I’ve heard about, but never encountered—a Living Spell. The fight was awkward, to say the least—it was invisible, and conventional weapons are nearly useless against it’s kind. In addition, it seemed to be formed of both invisibility and silence spells, and whoever it struck was rendered invisible, as well. Eventually I was able to dispatch it, however, and we soon found a place to rest.

I took the first watch (four hours), before waking Victor for his watch. I couldn’t have received more than an hour or two of sleep before he woke me because he heard sounds in the woods. I cast a Dancing Lights spell to reveal two black bears—no real threat. They’re fairly passive creatures, as long as they aren’t provoked. I instructed Victor to lower his bow and began to use some of my arcane skills to draw them off. I led one away with Dancing Lights fairly easily, and was able to intimidate the other off with a Ghost Sound, but then that damned human tried to fire one of his Eldritch Blasts at the beast.

I came close to killing him, then—but a clearer head prevailed. After a slash with my sword, he lay on the ground bleeding, and I was tempted to finish him off. I told him that I would finish his watch, which is what I’m doing now. I still desire to remove his head from his body, but that would serve little purpose. Perhaps he can be reformed. If not…I don’t believe I’ll restrain my blade another time on his behalf.


whitecrow256 Stryke

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